New Orleans French Quarter Walking Tour

What You Need to Know

This French Quarter Walking Tour consistes of the 15 points of interest (POIs) listed below. There is a separate post associated with each POI. The route of the tour is a closed geometric shape. That is, the route resembles a circle in that it is a continum with no beginning and no end. To begin a tour, simply select your initial POI (i.e., your starting point) from the list below and proceed to that point. You are left to your own devices as to how to make your way to your selected starting point. So, select a convenient starting point. To assist you, the address and coordinates of each POI is tabulated below. If you find that you need further assistance, remember that the residents of NOLA are generally friendly and helpful. (It's called Southern Hospitality.) Once you reach your starting point, simply click (or tap) the corresponding POI number or photo from the tabulated data below. That will cause the post for your starting point POI to be displayed. Read the descriptive material. When you are ready to proceed to your second POI, you have to decide whether you want to proceed along the tour route in a generally clockwise direction or in a generally counterclockwise direction. The post associated with each POI concludes with separate instructions for each direction. Be sure that you follow the instructions that correspond to your choice of direction. The last link in each instruction (you can't miss it because the link has been enclosed in "[*" and "*]" markers) loads the post associated with your next POI. Note that for added convenience, the POIs below have been presented in route order. Thus, clockwise tours progress DOWN the list of POIs and POI 1 is considered to be down from POI 15. Similarily, counterclockwise tours progress up the list of POIs and POI 15 is considered to be up from POI 1. HAVE FUN!


Q1. What if I get hopelessly fowled up in the middle of a tour?
A. No problem. Just return to this page and continue your original tour by starting a new tour (in the direction you previously selected) from your current POI.
Q2. Can I begin a tour directly from Facebook (i.e., without visiting this page)?
A. Yes. Just enter, "#nolafqwt doug jolley" in the Facebook searchbox and click on the magnifying glass. Then click on your desired starting point from the returned search results. You may, however, find this page more convenient to use because we order the POIs in route order. The order in which Facebook returns search results is unpredictable. Also, it has been our experience that, for whatever reason, Facebook doesn't always return all of the hastags.
Q3. What does, "nolafqwt" stand for?
A. The leading "nola" part stands for, "New Orleans, Louisiana". You will see that all over New Orleans. The "fqwt" part stands for, "French Quarter Walking Tour".
 Photo POI/Location
Joan of Arc Statue
941 Decatur (29.958898, -90.060773)
Cafe Du Monde
800 Decatur St., (29.957468, -90.061883)
Jackson Brewery
600 Decatur St., (29.956279, -90.063281)
Napoleon House
500 Chartres St., (29.955821, -90.065173)
La Pharmacie Francaise
514 Chartres St., (29.956135, -90.065151)
Origin of the Great Fire of New Orleans
619 Chartres St., (29.957775, -90.064264)
Upper Pontalba Building
1008 St. Peter St. at Chartres St., (29.957320, -90.063845)
Apartment of Tennessee Williams
632 St. Peter St. (29.957748, -90.064611)
Intersection of St. Peter and Royal Sts.
700 St. Peter St. at Royal St., (29.958008, -90.064771)
On St. Peter St. between Royal and Bourbon Sts.
718/725/726 St. Peter St., (29.958437, -90.065170)
Clover Grill
900 Bourbon St., (29.960291, -90.064023)
The House with Double Staircases
920 Bourbon, (29.960609, -90.063753)
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
941 Bourbon St., (29.961009, -90.063619)
Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral
700 Chartres St. (29.957795, -90.003463)
Central Grocery and Deli
923 Decatur St. (29.958817, -90.061059)